M3 TECHNOLOGY strategically blends and infuses 7 Natural Plant Extracts that are specifically geared to address the unique needs of men’s hair and skin. These include:

Aloe: antibacterial, rejuvenating, vitamin-rich

MAN FACTOR: helps protect against hair loss at the scalp and soothes freshly shaved skin to prevent you from becoming overly sensitive.

Baobab: anti-oxidant, moisturizing, balancing

MAN FACTOR: derived from the Tree of Life, this extract packs powerful anti-aging qualities to keep you from growing up too much.


Tea Tree: anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory

MAN FACTOR: helps to eliminate dandruff and skin blemishes to ensure your confidence is running on high.

Abyssinian Oil: moisturizing, EFA-rich, anti-oxidant

MAN FACTOR: provides rapidly absorbable hydration to skin and hair while also promoting cellular regeneration to keep you feeling brand new.

Pine Bark: anti-aging, anti-oxidant, evens skin tone

Man Factor: increases circulation to the skin and hair, increasing its vibrancy and keeping you feeling strong like wolf.

Vitamin C: brightening, firming, anti-oxidant

MAN FACTOR: promotes the production of collagen for stronger skin and hair, and gives your complexion a manly glow.

Hydrolyzed Hemp Protein: strengthening, moisturizing, amino acid-rich 

MAN FACTOR: this super-protein is rich in EFAs that promote hair growth and strengthens skin, helping you feel super, man.